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Region: PNW

The original Sasquatch Enthusiast. Beard-O has been with Team Mickwick since the beginning. He is a retired United States Army Veteran that loves to spend his time in the mountains with his dog. He is active marathon runner and mountain biker.

Kuehl Kuest

Region: The Great Lakes and Canada

Michigan backcountry couple, Canadian native Colleen Kuehl and American husband Jonny, make no claim to being professional outdoor adventurers. However, both in our fifties have an amazing enthusiasm for paddling, backpacking, camping and overlanding! We also find a great deal of pleasure simply sitting around a campfire, sharing a beverage with old and new friends alike.

Join the KUEST! Follow us as we PADDLE. TREK. CAMP. OVERLAND and catch our Backcountry Couples Livestream every Thursday on Youtube!!

Join the Kuest!!

Danica Stevens

Region: Montana, USA

Meet Danica, the multifaceted force of nature who wears many hats and thrives in Mother Nature.

As a Hunter, she carries the legacy of her upbringing in Oregon, where she bonded with her dad over hunting ducks and deer. But that's not all—her passion for the wild grew as she explored the western landscapes with
her grandpa, competing in team penning on the cow horses he bred and
raised. Eventually, the allure of Montana pulled her northward, where she attended the University of Montana, becoming a dedicated athlete in track. It was there that she met her husband, and together they embarked on a thrilling journey of archery elk hunting.

As an Angler, Danica enjoys the thrill of hunting not just on land but also in water. Her love for the outdoors extends to hunting upland birds, waterfowl, deer (mulies and whitetails), antelope, elk, and even black bears.

An accomplished Cowgirl, Danica continues to ride, pack, and pen on her horses, keeping the western spirit alive in her heart.

Danica embodies a life rich in experiences, passions, and connections. Whether she's in the wild, guiding others, or unleashing her creative spirit, she embraces every opportunity to live life to the fullest.

She is also an Event Host with Uncharted Outdoorswomen which is the only known legally registered U.S. outfitter to employ all women guides in multiple states across the USA.

Join Danica in Mother Nature

Kris "Trout Bum" Stiltner

Region: Virginia, USA

Kris is husband and father of 3 (2 sons and a daughter). Avid
outdoorsman, with over 25 years experience in hunting, fishing, hiking
and camping here in the mountains of Virginia. Currently a member of the
Mossy Oak Camo pro staff (8+ years and going), and Mickwick All Natural
Firestarter Adventurer team.

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