It's time for an Adventure!

An adventure can start in the backyard with a fire and a group of friends sharing stories. It can also be a journey into the woods or a campground where fire brings warmth, light, and means of survival. Mickwick Adventurers are a group of people that enjoy exploring the natural world from the bush to the backyard. They are stewards of Mother Nature and master fire-makers. Meet our 2023 Pro Team Adventurers!



Region: PNW

The original Sasquatch enthusiast, Beard-O has been with the Mickwick Team since the beginning. He is a United States Army Veteran and an avid backpacker, mountaineer, and marathon runner. He once packed in a bear-proof canister full of bananas, apples, and oranges (weighing over 30 lbs) just a prove a point about proper bear storage in the backcountry to Mr. Mickwick.

Fire-Making Technique: The lean-to method is Beard-O's go to when it comes to making a fire in the woods.

What do you love about the Mickwick®? I love that it is waterproof, even the wick. It makes my life so much easier knowing I have a reliable means of creating a fire even in the worst weather conditions.

Kuehl Kuest

Jonny and Colleen Kuehl


Region: Great Lakes and Canada

We love to Paddle / Trek / Camp / Overland and have been adventuring outdoors in our six years of marriage. They are also the hosts of the  Live Stream show "Backcountry Couples" Check it out here

Fire-Making Technique: Our favorite fire building style is a hybrid of a tepee and log cabin - it ignites easily and sustains the fire longer.

What do you love about the Mickwick®? We love that the Mickwick is compact and lightweight - perfect for backpacking.

Check out their adventures on Instagram and Their Live Stream "Backcountry Couples" on Youtube










Kris Stiltner


Region: Southwest VA

Kris joins Team Mickwick with over 20+ years of outdoor experience.  He is an active fishing and hunting guide in Southwest VA.  He also loves camping and hiking with his family.

Fire-Making Technique: I am a Lincoln log and teepee guy, as each as its own place depending on the weather conditions

What do you love about the Mickwick®? Its long burn time, reliability, and packablity

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Want to Join our Pro Team?

We are currently accepting applications from Outdoor Professionals including those that work in the field, love the woods and nature.

Membership comes with the perks of free gear and swag, product, and other benefits. Send us your Outdoor resume and tell us about how Mother Nature has positivity impacted your life (at least 1 paragraph).


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