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About Us

Greetings from the Pacific Northwest

We are a family owned and operated company headquartered in the mountains of the PNW. All of our fire starters are handcrafted in small batches with all natural ingredients. You will never find any harmful chemicals, wood byproducts, or dangerous combustibles in a Mickwick. We take immense pride in sourcing all of our ingredients from farms and businesses with sustainable forest and plant practices across the United States of America. When you purchase a Mickwick, you are helping to support the American farmer and homesteader.


Mickwick and the Appalachian Trail

During a Thru-hike (nobo) on the Appalachian Trail many years ago; a 5-day rain storm engulfed the Great Smoky Mountains creating extremely wet and windy conditions. A fire was desperately needed for warmth and to dry out gear. However, available tinder and kindling were soaked. Hikers at the Spence Field Shelter (including Mr. Mickwick) tried burning everything from hand sanitizer to clothing to start and maintain a fire, it did not happen. The Mickwick® was born out of the essential need for a compact, dependable, waterproof, and powerful means of creating a fire in the backcountry.

The Founders of Mickwick have extensive wilderness, survival, and backcountry knowledge and experience. Since the completion of a walk in the woods, Mr. Mickwick has done extensive research, adjustments and modifications, and testing over the past 10+ years to create an unmatched and U.S. patented all-natural fire starter. The Mickwick® is waterproof, light, compact, easy to use, and powerful; the perfect companion for all your outdoor and indoor adventures.