• Patented Fire Technology

    Trusted by Outdoor Professionals

  • The easiest Fire you will ever make...

  • All Natural Ingredients

    No Harmful Chemicals

Handcrafted and sourced in the USA

Mickwick® All Natural Fire Starters are handcrafted in small batches in the Pacific Northwest, USA.  You will not find any harmful chemicals, wood byproducts, or dangerous combustibles in our products.  Our U.S. Patented formula takes the stress and anxiety out of creating your next fire.  The Mickwick suits the needs of all Fire-Makers and is easy to use; no tinder, kindling, or paper needed to make a fire. 

Patented Fire Technology you can take anywhere and always have the means of creating a Fire.

Unique by Design

The Mickwick® was engineered to be compact, light, waterproof, and powerful.  It is easy to use, has a long burn time, and does not require any tinder or kindling to start your next fire.  Fueled by all natural ingredients means there are no harmful chemicals, dangerous combustibles, or wood byproducts in the Mickwick.

Dependable and Adaptive

As outdoor adventurers, we understand the need for a reliable source of fire. Whether you are sitting by the fire in your backyard or hiking, hunting, camping, or waiting out a rainstorm; put your trust in Mickwick!  We have tested our products in some of Mother Nature’s harshest conditions with successful results.  The Mickwick is unmatched in performance, reliable, and adaptive to your needs from the backyard to the backcountry.

Customize Your Mickwick®

Customize the Mickwick to your business, organization, event, wedding, and/or teams' colors.   Contact us  for more information and wholesale pricing.  Please note that we do not allow our patented and trademarked products to be white/private labeled.